Established and run by Abb Payne, a Mississippi business owner who has, to date, executed four separate sales to publicly trade companies, Payne Capital invests in business leaders who want to take their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. We put our time, expertise, and efforts in high-performing individuals and businesses whose growth will benefit the communities and families they serve.
At Payne Family Farms, we welcome all creatures great and small. Our livestock and racehorse operations play directly into our passion for fostering animal life. Here, we know that good, salt-of-the earth people breed healthy, winning animals; so we try to be and do just that! For us, life happens on the farm because when you treat the animal kingdom with respect, it only enriches the life cycle of us all.
Giving keeps the Payne legacy alive. We consider the Payne Family Foundation our most important, vital venture because it allows us to serve others and impact the communities we love. Here, we give time as well as money, and we always give from the heart. We’re teaching the next generation about the power and impact of giving, so we can pay it forward for future generations.
We believe in investing in communities that need a jolt of vitality. Payne Opportunity Zone projects allow us to develop neighborhoods and strengthen local economies, all for the greater good.

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